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So you’re almost there,  your independence is just around the corner. You’ve got very confident with your driving lessons, been waiting for a long 12 months and completing your 100 hours for your Queensland learners logbook, and now the only thing between you and the freedom of the open road is your practical driving test.

 Please read on below for everything you need to prepare and book your practical driving test and with fingers crossed pass it with flying colours!

Why do I need to take a practical driving test? 

The Q-Safe driving test is designed and assess and evaluate your ability to:

Demonstrate to drive safely and correctly in different independent driving situations which may include a variety of road and traffic conditions including different speed zones. To show a working knowledge and understanding of road rules and laws.

When can I take my practical driving test in Queensland?

You can book your practical driving test when you turn 17 years of age, been on a valid learner’s license for 12 months and have your Queensland learners logbook completed and approved. But how do you know you when you’re really ready? Your driving instructor will let you know when they think you have the potential to pass your driving test. However, it’s a two-way conversation, if you feel confident and think you are ready to talk to your instructor. There’s no number of lessons someone can take before they are ready to take their practical driving test. Everyone learns at different paces. You can discuss with your driving instructor and book suitable dates for you to have a go. We will teach you everything you need to be a safe, confident driver and to pass your driving test. Your MyLife instructor will also give you a series of mock tests at the Queensland Transport testing areas to test your abilities to drive safely and correctly under a test environment. Mock tests are amazing tool and they show you progress in your driving skills and your potential to pass the driving test.

How do I get prepared for my Practical Driving Test?

If this is your first time taking the driving test, here are some ways to make sure you’re in the best possible position to pass.

1/ Make sure you are ready. Don’t rush into it because you want your license.

.2/ Learn and read up on your road rules. Go over your road rules and make sure you understand them. If your not to sure or confused with something just ask you, driver instructor.

3/ Practice your driving road skills including your maneuvers. Polish up on your parking, U-turns, Reversing, Hill starts and Gear changing.

4/ Ask your driver instructor to spend extra time with you on anything you are unsure about.

5/ Visit the Queensland transport testing area. Really familiarize yourself with the road network and traffic in the area. Leaving and returning from the testing center and any highway merging in the area. Your instructor will know the places the assessor’s visit.

6/ Ask your instructor to give you mock tests in the Queensland transport testing area.

7/ If you are a nervous person try to book the test in the morning so you can get it done and over with. The day before the test look after your self. Eat well, get some exercise, avoid going out on the town, limit screen time and get a good night’s sleep. 

8/ Have a lesson just before the test with your instructor to smooth out any last issues. Arrive early to the testing area giving you plenty of time to park the car and to submit your paperwork. Go to the bathroom at home as not all testing areas have public toilettes.

9/ Most importantly have faith in yourself and be positive! Don’t stress you can do this! 


What to bring to my driving Test Appointment?

The driving test takes place at the department of transport driving test Centre that you selected when you first made your booking.
Make sure you bring:
1/ Your valid learners licence.

2/ If you are transferring from a international licence make sure you bring your international licence and all your proof of identity and address documents. If any translations are needed please bring them also.

3/ Medical Certificates if needed.

4/ Licence fees.

5/ A roadworthy car. Make sure you have good tires and check your indicator and brake lights are all working. Most students use their instructors car, its all road worthy, insured and safe with dual controlls. You can also use your own car if you want. The department of transport do not have cars that you can use for the test.

Your MyLife driver instructor will offer a final lesson just before the test appointment, so it gives you a chance to refresh on everything you have learnt. Have a chat with your instructor with any last concerns and have and have a warm up drive just before the real test.

What will happen during my driving test?

Your driving test takes around 30 minutes. During this time the assessor will firstly introduce themselves.
They will ask you to read the message from the driver examiner. This is helpful information about what is expected from you during the driving assessment.

The assessor will read out the following:
1/ Q-Safe is designed to evaluate your ability to drive safely and correctly in different driving situations which may include a variety of speed zones.

2/ I will be asking you to undertake a series of driving tasks throughout the assessment. You will be given clear directions in ample time.

3/ If I don’t give you any specific directions, please just follow the road and be directed by road signs, signals and road markings.

You will be asked if you had any questions? As soon as the assessment commences the they can not answer any questions that may influence your driving performance. You will not ask you to do anything illegal. The assessor will check the car including brake lights, indicators, and horn. Once in the car you will be ask you some questions about the controls of the car. Out of the following you can be asked to demistrate where the controles are: lights, wipers, washers, demisters, mirror controls, air conditioning and seat controls. Throughout the assessment they will evaluate your ability to drive in safe and in accordance to road rules. You may also be asked to perform two maneuvers which include, Reverse parking, U-Turns, Straight Reversing, Turnarounds, Hill starts or gearing the car down to a lower gear.

On completion of the test you will return back to the testing Centre.

 The finish of the Test! 

Once you return to the testing center and safely park, the examiner will ask you to meet them back in the testing center where they will tell you the test result. They will provide a testing sheet providing feedback, including how many and what type of faults you made during the test. A failed test isn’t the end of the world! If you don’t pass its ok, don’t give up just book another test and try again.


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