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When can I start taking driving lessons? What do I need before joining driving classes? How often should I attend a driving school? What does it take to pass the driving test in Brisbane? Does your driving school offer insurance? …..

Taking driving lessons for the first time can seem a bit overwhelming. But you need not worry because we will take you through the basics of the process. 

The following section highlights everything you need to go before booking a driving lesson in Brisbane. If you still don’t find what you are looking for, call us at 0466644107 or drop us an email at hello@mylifedrivingschool.com.au and our friendly and reliable driving instructors will get in touch with you right away! 


MyLife provides a variety of packages at different rates. We offer highly affordable driving lessons in Brisbane but the total cost can vary, depending on whether you are booking a driving lesson for teens or taking an advanced defensive driving lesson instead. Generally, a one-time one-hour lesson will cost you about $55, while 10 one-hour lessons come in a package of $525. You can view the detailed list of packages and vouchers by clicking here.

Everyone learns at a different pace. Whether you are just starting to learn to drive or have been behind the wheel for some time, we offer truly customised driving lessons in Brisbane to all our students. Therefore, we will tailor our lessons to suit your needs and help you learn at your desired pace.

To legally drive on Australian roads or anywhere else for that matter, there are certain things you MUST do. This includes obtaining a driver’s license, which, in turn, requires you to pass a road rules theory test along with an actual driving test. Taking professional driving lessons is completely optional, but highly recommended. A professional accredited driving instructor can help you acquire all the skills and knowledge that are crucial for clearing the test and getting your license.  

Unless you are practicing under a strict teacher who rebuffs you at the smallest mistake, driving lessons are not scary at all. Yes, you may experience some degree of anxiety, but that’s only natural. Our friendly instructors will gradually acquaint you with the different car controls and road rules. When your first lesson goes well, you will see for yourself how fun and productive driving classes can be.

Taking driving lessons is considered a personal, non-deductible expense in almost every country around the world. Unless you are a professional driver and need to complete a course as per legal requirements, you cannot include these expenses in your tax return. However, you need not worry about the cost of attending our driving school in Brisbane because we offer driver training classes at highly affordable rates. Browse the packages here. 

Whenever you are ready! Ideally, you should start taking driving lessons as soon as you get your learner’s permit. Lessons are most effective if you are new to driving. Plus, the earlier you learn to drive on your own, the sooner you can get rid of the inconvenience of travelling on trains and public buses.  

Refresher driving lessons are the lessons you take once you already have a full driving license. They are a useful way to improve your driving skills, develop road safety intelligence, and boost confidence behind the wheel. If you have been off the road for a prolonged period of time, are switching to a new, relatively unfamiliar car, or looking to enhance your driving ability in general, these courses are worth you while.

Advanced driving courses are intensive driver education classes that primarily focus on performance and defensive driving techniques. In our defensive driving course in Brisbane, you will be taking a fast-track ride to gain experience driving safely in more challenging environments, such as during rush hour traffic.

A defensive driving school is a form of motor training centre that goes beyond helping the students master the basics of driving. It aims to create truly confident drivers who not only drive safely and responsibly, but also reduce the risk of accidents by anticipating situations to make smart decisions. By completing a defensive driving course at MyLife, you will be more prepared to adjust to different driver behaviours on the road. 

If you want to, you can. There are no legal restrictions for expecting women to not take driving lessons during their term. All our cars are dual-controlled, which minimises the risk of mishaps even if the learner makes any major mistake.

When you appear for your driving test in Brisbane, the examiner will apply a range of assessment criteria to judge your driving skills. Depending on the road safety that it compromises, any mistake you make may be classified as a critical, non-critical, or specific repeated driving error. Our driving instructors will familiarise you with the practical as well as theoretical aspects of passing the test so you can get your license in the first go.

After obtaining your license, if you commit a driving offence, it will show up on your record as a demerit point. Every open licensed driver starts with twelve points. Learner Licence and Provisional licence start with four points. Thereafter, any traffic offence that you commit anywhere in Australia will be added to your official driving history. Common offences include over speeding, breaking traffic signal, and not wearing the seatbelt. You may receive a sanction if you accumulate a certain number of points.

Can you imagine living a life where train timetables and public bus schedules determine where you go and how you spend your time? If you want personal control and autonomy with respect to transport, it’s vital to learn to drive a car without any delay!

Some of the main driving test centres in Queensland are located in Caboolture, Redcliffe, Strathpine, Sherwood, Wynnum, and Logan City.

We service the following Queensland Transport testing centres:

When driving in Australia, you must keep your hands at the 9 and 3 positions. Both your hands should be on the wheel at all times except when changing gears or indicating.

Driving a car involves only three things: 

  1.  Car operation 
  2.  Familiarity with road rules 
  3.  Scanning, decision-making, and observations 

 Our trained instructors will ensure that you learn everything the correct way. Once we help you get over the road anxiety, you can turn to us for advanced driver education. Or you can continue driving with your loved ones for additional practice

Automated cars are becoming increasingly popular. But we are still far from the utopian future where self-driving cars conveniently tote passengers around. For now, you should be able to drive your own car. It can make life so much easier compared to relying on train, buses, and Uber to go where you want.

MyLife is proud to be the go-to driving school for nervous drivers in Brisbane. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Take a class with our friendly and polite driver instructors and see for yourself.

With the expert help of our qualified driver instructors, you will gain the kind of confidence that actually makes you look forward to the test day. We also conduct mock tests to beat that anxiety out of your system. Before your final test, have a good night’s sleep, eat well, and just relax. You can definitely ace it in your first attempt.

At MyLife, that actually won’t be a problem at all! If it’s your first day behind the wheel, we will begin the lesson by familiarising you with the basic car controls. However, if you have some driving experience, then your instructor will focus more on familiarising you with the traffic rules and road safety. Either way, with the polite and patient trainers at MyLife, you can expect to master your driving skills without experiencing any nervousness at all.

Whether you are excited-kind-of nervous or the I-will-get-into-an-accident kind of nervous, all our driving courses focus on turning you into a confident and competent driver. Our trainers are super friendly and provide constructive feedback while guiding you on how you can avoid panicking behind the wheel.

Maybe you have heard too much about road accidents or have been in a dangerous road situation before. Or maybe you were denied a license previously and are now anxious to get behind the wheel. It doesn’t matter where your nervousness stems from; the important thing is to overcome it. And for that, you can rely on us completely!

We recommend taking driving lessons on automatic cars. This is because automatic cars are a lot easier to drive. Of course, you still aren’t going to come out driving like a NASCAR driver on them the first time around. But you will learn how to observe the road and the traffic rules to become a good driver. Automatic cars help you develop smart driving skills and you can switch to learning on manual transmission once you have gained basic road intelligence. 

MyLife offers a special 90-minute lesson for international students to brush up their skills. Our affordable driving courses for foreign students are designed to help you navigate Brisbane roads and understand road rules in Queensland.

After you book a lesson, you can pay in cash or make an online payment via a debit or credit card

Our students can reschedule the lesson 24 hours before the agreed time. If you do it within 24 hours, the fee will be payable.

We are sure you wouldn’t want to. Still, if you cannot attend the lesson or wish to cancel for any reason, please inform our team 24 hours before the scheduled time.

We provide driving lessons from early in the morning until late at night. Since we operate 7 days a week, we can easily fit you in at a time that’s most convenient for you.

Driving a car involves only three things: 

  1.  Car operation
  2.  Familiarity with road rules
  3.  Scanning, decision-making, and observations 

 Our trained instructors will ensure that you learn everything the correct way. Once we help you get over the road anxiety, you can turn to us for advanced driver education. Or you can continue driving with your loved ones for additional practice.

If it’s your first day behind the wheel, you will begin the lesson by learning the basic car controls. However, if you have some driving experience, then your instructor will focus more on familiarising you with the traffic rules and road safety. Either way, with the polite and patient trainers at MyLife, you can expect to master your driving skills without experiencing any nervousness at all.

Every individual is different. Therefore, the number of driving classes you need largely depends on how fast you learn to manoeuvre the vehicle. However, according to our expert driver instructors, if you are starting from scratch, you should take spend around 20 hours on the road with a trainer. We will gauge how well you drive and recommend the number of lessons based on your initial drive. The driving instructor will give you feedback and guide you.

All the trainers at our Brisbane driving school are accredited driver instructors. Therefore, the first 10 driving lessons you take with a MyLife driving school instructor will equal 30 hours in your log book.

Booking a driving lesson in Brisbane with the most high pass rate driving school is as easy as clicking here. Alternatively, you can call us at 0466644107 or drop us an email at learn2drive@mylifedrivingschool.com.au.

Absolutely. No matter what your skill and experience level may be, it is extremely important to choose a driving school that provides complete insurance. As one of the best driving schools in Brisbane, all cars at MyLife are fully insured and all our instructors have passed police and working with children checks. Rest assured, we have you and your safety covered every time you get behind the wheel with us.

Yes. All vehicles at MyLife Driving School are fitted with dual controls. Whether you apply for a beginner’s course or attend advanced driver education classes, we will take extra care to make sure you are safe while learning to drive.

At Mylife, we have a range of fully functional and well-maintained cars to suit the needs and preferences of different users. Our fleet is the most modern in the industry as all our cars are less than four years old. Moreover, all of our cars have a 5-star safety rating so you can learn to drive without any worries.

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