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Welcome to the Ultimate Driving Experience! 

Welcome to MyLife Driving School! We have helped thousands of beginners just like you, so you can be assured you’ll be in good hands while you’re here! We aren’t the best driving school in Brisbane city for nothing.

How do you feel about learning how to drive? Anxious? Nervous? Excited? We definitely understand. It is natural to be slightly nervous about taking up the steering wheel for the first time in your life, but you really shouldn’t stress it. Our accredited driving instructors are empathetic and understanding about your nerves. They make sure that you end up loving how to drive and in their safe, expert hands, you will soon feel more confident too. You will be zooming down the lanes of Brisbane in no time (but responsibly)!

Driving Safely, Driving Responsibly

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of responsibility on the road. There are crucial decisions you have to make every passing second. Rest assured, most of the decisions become second nature as you gain more experience.

MyLife Driving School recognizes the nature of responsible driving. While we don’t want any student to fear being on the road, it is also vital they understand the dangers of certain things on the road. At the end of the lessons, we make sure that every student comes out of the lessons as an independent and safe driver who knows road rules like the back of their hand.

From the first time you put the learner’s plate on your car all the way to driving along the busiest streets of Brisbane, our instructors will be right by your side (literally!). New opportunities and adventures will become more open to you as you take control of the wheel.

Modern, Friendly, and Supportive Teaching Techniques

MyLife Driving School doesn’t stop at just giving out instruction but rather offers full, friendly support from experienced workers. We have been working with students of all experiences, ages, and abilities for 20 years, so we can surely handle you! The accelerated learning programs and modern techniques are designed to ensure that you develop great driving habits from the get-go.

The thing about driving is that you need to have some fundamental skills in order to become a responsible and safe driver. Even if you are just coming in for a refresher course, our keen instructors pick out any basic mistakes you are making and help you correct them.

Why Do You Need Your Driving License Right Away?

Getting your driving license is a rite of passage that everyone should go through. It is an essential skill that opens up many avenues for your social and work life. It is a surefire way to practice independence and freedom as an adult in this world.

MyLife Driving School helps you become an independent individual by passing on all the skills and knowledge to ensure you are a safe, responsible driver. Well then, what are you waiting for?! Book a lesson right now!

International License Transfers

Have you taken up residence in Queensland and wish to change your driver’s licence from overseas to Australian? Or are you moving abroad and want to obtain an international driver's licence so that you can drive freely in the new country without having to take driving classes all over again?

MyLife makes the process of overseas driver license conversion of both types easier than ever. Our friendly, reliable, and accredited driving instructors in Brisbane can guide you through the A to Z of the procedure so that you can hit the road as soon as you possibly can.

Teen Driving Lessons

Our teens driving lessons in Brisbane helps our students learn the rules of the road, so they can get their driver’s license. During this course, new drivers will learn about the various road signs, rules, and regulations, along with driving techniques. Our experienced driving instructors will teach you how to improve your decision-making skills and reaction time, which can be quite necessary on the road. Learning all of this properly is really important to ensure they are aware of the dangers of texting while driving, being aware of their surroundings, and a hundred other mistakes that irresponsible drivers can make on the road.

Been a while since you have driven? We also offer refresher driving lessons for students who want to sharpen their driving skills before taking the driving test.

Adult Driving Lessons

During our adult driving lessons, our instructors will give you a summary of the rules and regulations of the road to help you pass the written test. These classes are held one-on-one to ensure that every student is able to fully understand each lesson. The refresher course on rules and regulations can make sure you head to the test without any need to worry at all.

Senior Driving Lessons

At MyLife Driving School, we believe that driving is a skill that should be continually improved upon. Our senior driving lessons are aimed at senior drivers who want to refresh their knowledge and sharpen their driving skills. But, more importantly, our in-depth and easy-to-understand driving lessons help seniors continue to stay safe and independent.

Nobody wants to be dependent on others to drive them to their friends, the doctor, the store, or anything else. We understand the need for seniors to remain independent!

Why MyLife Driving School?                                                                                                          
The following are just some of the advantages that we offer at MyLife Driving School:

Holistic Approach

No Yelling

Seasoned, qualified accredited Driver Instructors

Friendly instructors

Weekdays and weekend courses are available

Night Lessons Available

Tried and tested teaching techniques

Affordable fun Lessons

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