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Parents are essential partners in helping teens and new drivers become intelligent safe drivers for life. As your partner, Mylife provides the following driving tips. We hope you find these tips valuable not only in coaching your new driver but also for your own driving as you are your new driver biggest driving role. please pass this information along to other parents and supervisors with new drivers.



Whether you are a learner or an experienced driver, it is important to pay attention to what is happening around you on the road. A wise split-second decision can save you from a disastrous collision.

2. It’s All About Yourself

A lot of accidents take place because drivers only take into account the vehicle ahead of them. Equally important is to keep in mind the overall environment and the other cars around to prevent crashes in time. Stay focused behind the wheel to drive safely.

3. Have No Fear

As a learner, you may experience fear when driving, especially when getting into a difficult situation on the road. However, building your driving skills and confidence will help you tackle challenges with logic and practice. 

4. Safety is Essential

In case of a collision, a seat belt will limit the body impact with the car interior and divide the forces throughout your body to ward off a neck injury. If you are not wearing a seatbelt or your car does not have an airbag, a crash can be fatal even at 29 km/h.

5. Keep Distractions at Bay

Make sure you Avoid using your cellphone or getting distracted by a song on the radio while you drive.Keep destructions to a minimal. Keep your concentration with driving and keep control of the car. Look ahead more for potential approaching hazards so they won’t catch you bye surprise.

6. Expect the unexpected

A better overall understanding of the road and surroundings means that you will  be able to spot potential approaching hazards to help avoid a potential accident. 

7. Do not drive when your sleepy

Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your attention while driving. If you feel drowsy, simply ask someone else to get behind the wheel.

8. Don’t Drink and Drive

Consuming alcohol, being affected bye drugs or strong medication before driving can affect your presence of mind and diminish your reflexes. Being careless for even a split second can lead to dire consequences.

9. Slow Down

Slow and defensive driving is one of the most important driving safety tips. Going at a reasonable pace allows you enough time to react to all kinds of encounters.

10. Be a smooth operator

Use the steering wheel and brakes carefully while avoiding jerky motions. Staying alert while driving will help you proceed smoothly.Keep Your Abilities in Mind. Know that you cannot become an expert driver even after completing an advanced driving course. Be aware of your skills and try not to push yourself.

11. Check your Blind Spots

When leaving the curbor changing lanes lanes, make sure you check behind your shoulder.check your blind spot before setting off, see if your side mirrors are positioned correctly so you can view the lanes on your side.

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