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Going From Learner’s License to Your Driver’s License: The Journey of a Student Driver!

As a driver, you will face all sorts of situations and conditions on the road that you have to maneuver. MyLife Driving School ensures that you can experience as many of these conditions with an experienced, supportive instructor by your side. And don’t worry! The lessons equip you to pretty much have the skills and knowledge to maneuver through any unforeseen situations too! 

Our driving lessons are incorporated with the best, modern teaching techniques to ensure that you come out of them as confident but responsible drivers. We will make sure you have everything you will need to get your driver’s license from the written test to the practical exam. 

We provide skills and knowledge including:  

Cockpit drill and safety checks

Signals and road positions

Moving away and returning to the curb

Acceleration and braking

Mirrors and blind spots

Junctions and roundabouts

Driving in traffic and motorways

Speed control and braking distance

Maneuvers including parking and U-turns

Gear changing and clutch control

How to Get a Learner’s Driving License?

When you turn 16 years old, you can get your learner’s license from the nearest Department of Transport and Main Roads. Getting your learner’s permit is your write of passage and will give you the ticket to independence and freedom on the roads of Brisbane! 

To get the Queensland learner’s drivers license, you need to pass the written road rules test or the ‘PrepL’ test. When going for the application, don’t forget to bring some evidence of identity, your learner’s license fee, and a medical certificate if needed. You will receive the license in your mail. 

Once you have your learner’s license, you can begin to learn to drive a car with proper adult supervision. The adult you are driving with should have an open driver’s license for more than a year to guide you. Don’t worry, our instructors have years of driving experience! 

To get your driving license, you will now need to wait a year as well as have 100 hours of supervised driving experience too. MyLife Driving School can help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to practice with adult supervision on your own. 

Get ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime!

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