Jim Aces his Greenslopes Driving Test!



Jim Aces his Greenslopes Driving Test

Located at 700 Logan Road, Greenslopes Driving Test Centre is Brisbane's busiest and most popular inner-city driving test center. Greenslopes is a very busy and hilly area with school zones including Loretto College on Cavendish road  narrow one-way roads, busy roundabouts, and multiple speed zones ranging from 40km/h in busy roads to 100km/h on the pacific motorway. 

It is said that if you could pass the Greenslopes driving test, you can drive anywhere in Australia. No wonder Jim felt nervous on the day of his driving test. However, he was confident in his driving skills as he had plenty of practice on the road with his driving instructor at My Life Driving School – the leading driving school in Greenslopes. 

Jim had to navigate the notorious staggered cross intersection on Nelson and Rees street at Coorparoo and had to perform a reverse parallel park and nailed it like a campion!

Congratulations, Jim! Truly an amazing drive! Enjoy your new driving freedom and please drive safe!

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If you are also planning to take the Greenslopes driving test and wish to pass the test in the very first go, contact My Life Driving School to book an affordable driving lesson today. Whether you are a first-time driver or are concerned about getting behind the wheel after a long time, we will teach you great driving skills and make you feel at ease on the road. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get on the road today and learn how to drive. Visit My Life Driving School to check out the locations we teach. 

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